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Internet Domain, internet address of the computer you are using,type of browser and operating system you are using, identification of the page you requested, date and time of access, and internet address of the web site from which you linked directly to our web site are collected automatically by our server. Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory uses these statistics to improve your experience on our site. These logs do not disclose any personal information about you, nor do we attempt to obtain any information not immediately identifiable by our server. The only other information we may obtain will be sent voluntarily by you through email or other forms of contact.
Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory may or may not use suggestions, comments, or any other form of contact to advertise or promote this site or any of the businesses or organizations mentioned in our directory. Contact information about the originator will not be distributed in any way without express permission given during the communication. Submission of a site for inclusion in the directory grants Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory permission to use the information as it is submitted, but in no way guarantees the site's inclusion. All submissions will be reviewed before inclusion, and if accepted, will usually be posted within 7 days. Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory reserves the right to use any information submitted without compensation to the contributor.
All links and listing descriptions are made solely at the discretion of Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory and may be added or removed at any time without recourse from the owner.
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