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The basic listings in the Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory are provided free of charge to businesses in Grayson County, Carroll County, Galax, and all other towns in these 2 Virginia counties. Included in the free listings are links to individual business websites or email addresses if available. Efforts have been made to contact as many businesses as possible, but as this will be a never-ending process, it has been decided that all  businesses will be listed as the necessary information is obtained. If this is unacceptable to any business or you find the cost too high, please send an email to the address below and your free listing will be removed within 7 days. Webmaster reserves the right to omit any website from the "Basic" listings at his discretion .

Paid advertising is offered by the Grayson Carroll Galax VA Directory in the "Sponsor" section of each web page and as a full page mini website.
The key to this advertising method is - No learning curve for the software used to update your page or time spent by you on page maintenance. Just let me know what you need and I will do all the work.

Rates: "Sponsor" Ad - 435x150 pixels.  Can include photo gallery. Gallery will be limited to 5 photos. Virginia and North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountain Region businesses other than those in Grayson County and Carroll County may purchase advertising as well.

  Annual (365 days): $49.00
Advertisements in the "Sponsor" section will be limited to 4 ads per page to allow paid advertisers better visibility than just being grouped with all  other businesses in the "Basic Listings". Active links to your existing website, email address, or "custom" page are provided. Menus, list of services, or other 8 1/2" X 11" printed material will be included in PDF format free of charge if requested. You may list on as many pages as you would like at the above rate per page, given ad space is available. Minimal maintenance (changes to Ad) is provided in above rates.

Annual Web Page
(365 days): $99.00 - This includes a listing in the "Basic" listings (if located in Grayson or Carroll County VA) and "Sponsor" sections of your appropriate business category with a link to your custom full page ad and will be set up to come up in search engine results as a page to your business, not just a page in a directory. I will meet with you at your business to take photos, if needed, and discuss what you want your page to say and look like or I will meet with you at an agreed upon location. We can also communicate by telephone or email if you have photos that you can send and know how you want your business described. This is a "Custom" page done in the same manner as a 1 page web site.
Your page will be limited to 1000  x 1000 size, and may include images as well as text. Minimal maintenance (changes, additions, or deletions) is included at this price, but extra maintenance will be available for additional charge.
If renewed after initial 1 year term, price will  remain $99.00 annually.
All charges due in advance, but your selected time period will not begin until the day your listing first appears on the Directory site.
Inquiries may be made to or by calling (276) 237-2663 8AM - 6PM Monday - Saturday. Leave message if no answer.
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